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Mood booster foods: Foods to get cheered up

We all know that we love to eat different kind of food based on our mood. Eating snacks or junk foods or eating a sugary doughnut suddenly lightens up the

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Personal Hygiene: Keep your cleanliness

Personal hygiene includes those practices performed by an individual to care for one’s body and health by cleaning of different types. Taking care of personal hygiene is one of the

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Role of food in maintaining proper health and energy

Food is a nourishing substance which is either eaten, drunk or taken into the body by other means to sustain life, growth and activity. It is a substance which has

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Basic concept of food, nutrition and health

Nutrition is the process of a living beings ability to eat foods and use the components of those foods to fuel development and growth. Nutrition is the substances in food

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Why Staying healthy is important for all of us?

Staying physically fit is kind of a challenge for this world now. Its a thousand dollar question for everyone about what should we do and what not, in order to

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