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Anorexia: Simple an eating disorder or violence towards your body?

Anorexia: Simple an eating disorder or violence towards your body?

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"We think of bulimia and anorexia as either a bizarre psychosis or, as a quirky little habit, a phase or as a thing that women just do. We forget that it is a violent act, that it bespeaks a profound level of anger toward and and fear of the self."- Marya Hornbatcher (American Author, Author of "Wasted-A memory of Anorexia and Bilimia", a biographical account of her own struggle with Anorexia)

Anorexia Nervosa is known as Anorexia to most of the people. What is Anorexia? It is a potentially harmful eating disorder. This leads to abnormally low body weight compared to the height and figure or body type.

It is so horrible that you can often compare an anorexic person to a living skeleton. You should also know that there have been reported deaths due to being anorexic as well. Being anorexic starts from being extremely concerned about your weight. No matter how fit or well-maintained they are, some people often think that they're too fat. They take extreme measures to look thin which leads to this horrible condition.

Those obsessively concerned about their weight often starve themselves, or they vomit even though they eat. They often take funny measures such as laxatives, diet aids, diuretics or enemas. These happens from the stereotypical obsession that being thin the ideal type.

Anorexia is not only an eating disorder or about food. If you're anorexic you think that being thin equates your self-worth. You start exercising excessively and no matter how much weight you lose you always fear about gaining weight.

The most important thing about staying alive is that you need to stay healthy. Your body shape doesn't define you as long as you're strong and living a normal and good life. Skipping meals and starving yourself will only make things worse instead of making you healthy.

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